It’s the biggest night of your life and you want to make sure that all your guests have no voices left by the time last order is called! We know the drill…

You’ll have seen from our videos that we’re rockier than your average wedding band which means we’re the sort of band that you want to book if your guests are the type to get up and party. I know this sounds odd but please don’t book us if you’re looking for someone to play some gentle background music whilst you all mingle. We’re about getting everyone, together, on the dance floor and playing some massive songs for you all to sing along to.

Before the big day…

When you decide to book us, you’ll receive a booking form to complete from our manager. On there, you’ll provide your information and decide which of the payment options is best for you. Whether you choose to pay it all at once and get it out the way, spread it into four stage payments or even spread the cost monthly so it’s easier to manager, that’s absolutely fine. You can do that. You can even pay by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or even direct debit so whatever the most convenient combination for you, we make it happen.
You’ll then receive a formal contract, between us and you which makes it really clear that we can both expect of each other so there’s no crossed wires and so that we can make your night something special! Once that’s signed and the first payment made, we’re in business and good to go. Attention turns to getting everything ready for the day itself. In the lead up, our management team will be on hand to answer question by email anytime so if you’ve got a query, no matter how big or small, just fire it over and it’ll be answered promptly and properly so you know exactly where you’d at in the preparations. We’ll even have a call with you directly the week of the wedding to make sure all the info that we’ve got is accurate and up to date and to introduce ourselves and chat through the booking!

On the day…

If you’ve decided that you’d like us to be part of your afternoon as well as the evening, we’ll arrive some time after 2pm, depending on when you’d like us to, and perform a 60 minute set list of easy listening pop & rock classics from artists like Oasis, The Rolling Stones, Snow Patrol, Kings of Leon and such. If the weather is suitable and there’s a safe electric supply we can even do this outside whilst the guests enjoy the grounds of your chosen venue.
After that, the attention turns to the evening party. Typically, the full band arrival time is 6.30pm so we’re ready in plenty of time for your evening guest and evening celebration. We bring absolutely everything with us so you don’t have to worry about a thing and take care of things like welcoming you to the dance floor for your first dance, announcing the cake cutting (assuming it’s during that part of the day) and even announcing the opening of the evening food….one of our favourite bits!
We play for 2hrs and this can be split however you like although we normally prefer to play 2x 1hr sets rather than straight through or do 3x 40m sets which always feels too short to really get going. Our absolute favourite is 45min in the first set and then 1hr 15m second set but it’s completely up to you. When we’re not on stage we make sure that there’s music on the disco so you don’t even need a separate DJ.a

In short, we’re pro’s that do this week in week out. We simply turn up and make sure you have an incredible party! It really is that simple!